A few words about my career and the company

I welcome you and thank you for your interest in Vogiatzis Michael Photography.
I’m looking forward to giving you one less thing to worry about.

What is my challenge?

My challenge is to make you look the best you have ever looked in your life on your wedding day. As beautiful as you are, I can make you shine brighter than ever before with some simple directions. And the more you respond to my directions, the more beautiful you will look. Would you like that?
At the same time, I will always be very conscious to make your photos look natural and to tell the full story of your wedding day.

What are my incentives?

First, I truly love what I do and so I am very passionate about performing well.
Second, I want continued referrals.
Third, I am getting paid to do a great job.
Last but not least, my challenge is to not only meet my couple’s expectations, but to exceed them every time.

Why i need the photography to be relaxed and informal?

If I am to have any chance of emulating the beauty and variety you see here in these wedding albums, then I need more time on the wedding day. In a day, a week, or in the years to come, you will not care about the time you had between the ceremony and the reception. You will care about the amazing photographs of yourself and your family that will last a lifetime.

What is the challenge for my couples?

The challenge I pose to my couples is to resist purchasing everything! The best problem a couple can have is to love their photos so much they will want to buy a bigger album, bigger enlargements and more products in general. The worst problem a couple can have is not liking their photos at all and not knowing where to start in their selection. Which “problem” do you prefer?

Would you like us to work together?

I am looking forward to receiving your booking.
If you need any further assistance at this point please feel free to contact me.

Best wishes,